All ideas want is to fit

Ideas are out there waiting to be captured or imagined. They travel around us in all different sorts of ways: from communication to entertainment to dreams. All ideas want is to find a place to fit, to exist. There may be ideas that have been trying to fit for a very long time, only when… Read more »

What to do when there’s no time for creativity

Every morning it seems as though a hundred things are clawing for my attention. Maybe you can relate to the feeling. When I first wake up there are emails which have piled up during the night, dozens of notifications on social media, and the increasingly heavy pressure to start the day and get to work…. Read more »

To think creatively you merely need to look closer at things

Creativity really stems from being able to understand the characteristics or behaviors of any thing, its circumstance, or the relationship between it and other things. When you begin to explore and understand those things, you can change them, or imagine what the world would be like if any of those details were to change. And… Read more »

Two ways to improve how you personally have ideas

“Do not try to change yourself, you are unlikely to succeed. Instead: work hard to improve the way you already perform.” — Peter Drucker If you aren’t aware of how you generate ideas, you’ll always struggle to come up with new ones when you need them most. As much as we may want to believe… Read more »

“Everybody says I’m burning the candle on both ends, and I always worry about that. What’s going to…”

“Everybody says I’m burning the candle on both ends, and I always worry about that. What’s going to happen when you age and things slow down and your body just doesn’t work as well? The idea that the energy would slow down kind of freaks me out, so maybe that’s where the urgency comes from…. Read more »

Quick update

I’ve been slowly, manually, moving this blog to a new site. There was a little bit of time when I lost track of the purpose, but I’m diving back into it in the coming weeks. My goal has always been to help others better understand and do more with their creativity. So that’s what I’m… Read more »

A creative life means opening a lot of small doors

Photo by Marietta Varga. “Art is the big door, but real life is a lot of small doors that you must pass through to create something new.” — Jean Giraud To be creative is to be open to the idea your ideas—your way of understanding the world—are limited by what you have experienced. A simple… Read more »

If you do nothing, nothing happens

If you want to be creative: you’re better off doing things than waiting around for inspiration to strike. Too many people say they want to think more creatively—they want to have ideas for making money, turning their art into their livelihood, or how to have an impact—but end up doing little to nothing because they… Read more »

Limit what’s possible and you’ll have more ideas

The painter always sits down with the tools he has available to him, in front of a canvas with a set size, knowing what his abilities will enable him to create. A chef comes to the table prepared with ingredients and supplies at the ready. It doesn’t matter what the specifics of the constraints are… Read more »

Creativity isn’t just what you think, it’s what you do with what you think

My life changed when I realized just how powerful simply showing up and trying things can be. I remember one time coming into the office and, upon hearing how I liked to dabble with web design during the weekends, my boss asking if I could create a little project for the office. The deal was… Read more »

  • March 4, 2013

    If crows can do it…

    In 2002, while studying the way New Caledonian crows use tools in the wild, three researchers at Oxford University ran …read more Via: Creative News

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  • March 1, 2013

    Seven steps to creative breakthroughs.

    Gather a lot of varied experiences. Read a lot of books, travel, talk to strangers, anything to open your mind …read more Via: Creative News

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  • February 28, 2013

    A reminder to stay curious.

    Skillshare worked closely with One Year Study back in 2012 to make this remarkably inspirational video …read more Via: Creative News

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  • February 27, 2013

    How to take any idea and run with it.

    Starting is often the hardest part of pursuing an idea, particularly if you don’t know what to do next. I experienced …read more Via: Creative News

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  • January 30, 2013

    Picture Book: Baby and Mother – New book published by PixelShaping

    Picture Book: Baby and Mother   PixelShaping is proud to announce it’s latest book published “Picture Book: Baby and Mother” Written and illustarted by Marianne Mineo, this book will be sold on Amazon. Links to Book: Amazon: Baby and Mother Amazon UK: Baby and Mother As with the last book, this book is viewable on… Read more »

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  • November 4, 2012

    Holly and the Magic Star – Pixelshaping New Book Published

    Holly and the Magic Star As part of our new digital publishing service, PixelShaping just published its first book. The book “Holly and the Magic Star” written and illustarted by author Marianne Mineo is the first of what we hope will be meny future published books by pixelshaping. See it on Amazon: Holly and the Magic Star Amazon UK: Holly and… Read more »

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  • November 3, 2012

    New Site Launched

    Well, it’s been a while since the PixelShaping site has been updated, this is mostly due to the fact that we’ve never really used the site for promotion (I know…), but better late then never. Here it is, simple, but we’ll be building on it so stay tuned.

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