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I’ve been slowly, manually, moving this blog to a new site. There was a little bit of time when I lost track of the purpose, but I’m diving back into it in the coming weeks. My goal has always been to help others better understand and do more with their creativity. So that’s what I’m… Read more »

A creative life means opening a lot of small doors

Photo by Marietta Varga. “Art is the big door, but real life is a lot of small doors that you must pass through to create something new.” — Jean Giraud To be creative is to be open to the idea your ideas—your way of understanding the world—are limited by what you have experienced. A simple… Read more »

If you do nothing, nothing happens

If you want to be creative: you’re better off doing things than waiting around for inspiration to strike. Too many people say they want to think more creatively—they want to have ideas for making money, turning their art into their livelihood, or how to have an impact—but end up doing little to nothing because they… Read more »

Limit what’s possible and you’ll have more ideas

The painter always sits down with the tools he has available to him, in front of a canvas with a set size, knowing what his abilities will enable him to create. A chef comes to the table prepared with ingredients and supplies at the ready. It doesn’t matter what the specifics of the constraints are… Read more »

Creativity isn’t just what you think, it’s what you do with what you think

My life changed when I realized just how powerful simply showing up and trying things can be. I remember one time coming into the office and, upon hearing how I liked to dabble with web design during the weekends, my boss asking if I could create a little project for the office. The deal was… Read more »

How to get out of a creative rut

Originally posted to Quora. What does it mean to be “in a rut”? By definition, a rut is a deep track made by the repeated passage of a person or thing. It’s like going out for a walk every day of your life and always taking the same path. Over time that path becomes worn… Read more »

To be creative, start with what’s missing

There are a lot of reasons to get into cooking as a profession, being hungry isn’t one of them. Instead, a reason to take up cooking is to learn the art behind the dish, or to help satisfy others, or because you really enjoy a finely crafted meal, or—and most likely—to fill a void you… Read more »

Why your day job won’t kill creativity

Do regular, 9-to-5 jobs kill creativity? If so: how do they stifle it out of people who otherwise might be creatively gifted? What can we do to prevent it? Who’s to blame? Is it common for 9-5 jobs to kill creativity? As TV scriptwriter Stan Hayward puts it: “No. Not at all. Because a creative… Read more »

austinkleon: “Creativity and ego cannot go together. If you…

austinkleon: “Creativity and ego cannot go together. If you free yourself from the comparing and jealous mind, your creativity opens up endlessly. Just as water springs from a fountain, creativity springs from every moment. You must not be your own obstacle. You must not be owned by the environment you are in. You must own… Read more »

What makes your ideas matter

What makes it possible for you to have worthwhile ideas? As TED curator Chris Anderson puts it: “There’s one thing you have that no one else in the world has: Your own first-person experience of life. Yesterday you saw a sequence of things and experiences a sequence of emotions that is, quite literally, unique. You… Read more »

  • January 15, 2017
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    It’s not enough to have ideas, you have to learn how to bridge them too

    Yesterday I had the chance to be reminded of the fact that not all ideas have the possibility of being victories. I’ve been on a roll lately with writing daily and posting to this blog, and over the last two weeks I’ve watched as certain ideas I’ve shared reach more people or have more of… Read more »

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  • January 14, 2017
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    To come up with a lot of ideas, go narrow to broad

    A great way to come up with ideas on-the-fly is going narrow in order to go broad. Focusing briefly before going wide, then focusing back in again and repeating as necessary. The technique works like this: simplify by focusing-in on or asking questions about what you already know, then use those questions to go broad… Read more »

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  • January 12, 2017
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    Taking time to reflect on your creative genius

    By the time you work through an idea, it will have lost its original intent. The most compelling ideas are often the ones that seem inevitable, like they were of course going to occur. Creating the iPhone seems like common sense for Apple to have some back in 2007. The invention of microwaveable food seems… Read more »

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  • January 12, 2017

    Your creativity is limited to what you know

    A problem many people face when it comes to thinking creatively is that the possibilities seem infinite. There’s so much that might be that it becomes paralyzingly to try and imagine what could be. Anything that can be dreamed can be a solution to a problem. In our imagination, anything goes. But that’s not how… Read more »

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  • January 11, 2017
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    One trick for coming up with creative ideas

    A classic trick creative thinkers will use—one that isn’t really a trick at all—is to look at what people are doing elsewhere and mimic it. If a student sees a community forming around local artists, what’s to stop her from creating a Facebook group for the artists in her school?. A teacher who sees a… Read more »

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  • January 10, 2017
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    Three simple steps for building a daily creative habit

    What’s the single best habit you can build in order to be more creative? A lot of possible answers almost immediately come to mind; daily meditation, journaling or writing every day, creating something (no matter how small) every day, trying new things, trying to see things from a different perspective, or simply taking more chances…. Read more »

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  • January 9, 2017

    “Not relying on other people for anything you really care about is arguably the great-grandaddy of…”

    “Not relying on other people for anything you really care about is arguably the great-grandaddy of every useful productivity, creativity, or self-help pattern.” – Thanks Merlin Mann! Source:: Creative Inspiration

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  • January 9, 2017

    Ideas as colors of the mind

    Every new idea is built on pre-existing ones. We cannot imagine, let alone build off, what we do not know, or what we cannot comprehend on some basic level. A painter can make almost any painting with only three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. She can use red and yellow to create orange, blue… Read more »

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  • January 8, 2017
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    Everyday creativity is your warm-up creativity

    The little things you can do often to think or act creatively are what prime you for the opportunities to do big, creative things. If you wanted to write a novel but had never written a paragraph or two before, you’d probably have a hard time doing it. Of course nobody goes to the major… Read more »

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  • January 7, 2017

    Creativity means change, and that’s the reason it matters

    Whenever I think of change I feel a little bit afraid and a little bit excited. Change often brings with it uncertainty, risk, chance, and hope. Change means different, and no matter how you cut it: different is often scary. It’s not what our lives and minds are really cut out to handle very well…. Read more »

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