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If crows can do it…

In 2002, while studying the way New Caledonian crows use tools in the wild, three researchers at Oxford University ran …read more Via: Creative News

Picture Book: Baby and Mother – New book published by PixelShaping

Picture Book: Baby and Mother   PixelShaping is proud to announce it’s latest book published “Picture Book: Baby and Mother” Written and illustarted by Marianne Mineo, this book will be sold on Amazon. Links to Book: Amazon: Baby and Mother Amazon UK: Baby and Mother As with the last book, this book is viewable on… Read more »

Holly and the Magic Star – Pixelshaping New Book Published

Holly and the Magic Star As part of our new digital publishing service, PixelShaping just published its first book. The book “Holly and the Magic Star” written and illustarted by author Marianne Mineo is the first of what we hope will be meny future published books by pixelshaping. See it on Amazon: Holly and the Magic Star Amazon UK: Holly and… Read more »

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New Site Launched

Well, it’s been a while since the PixelShaping site has been updated, this is mostly due to the fact that we’ve never really used the site for promotion (I know…), but better late then never. Here it is, simple, but we’ll be building on it so stay tuned.