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Being more creative, brick by brick.

When I was younger I remember visiting my grandparents home, an old, red bricked building with just one floor. The story was that my grandfather had built the home himself decades ago, by hand, brick by brick. He wanted to live near some land that had housed his orchard of apples, grapes, apricots, and –… Read more »

This is your brain working.

This image represents what your brain looks like while working. More precisely: it’s a visual chart of neural signals firing over time, a representation of how thoughts work in the brain. Compared to a computer, this type of representation resembles that of a digital signal, with 0 and 1 states for processes (you did know… Read more »

Are you a creative or an innovator?

What’s the difference between creativity and innovation? Creativity deals with original thought, asking “what comes next?” Innovation is about building on what already exists, focusing on ways to improve something already established. Creatives are dreamers, innovators are builders. If you think of ideas as nails, creatives are those who gather up the nails and collect… Read more »

The best way to keep your ideas? Plus a Field Notes giveaway.

Ideas come and go, if you’re lucky they come often stick around for at least a little while. For the rest of us, ideas disappear just as quickly as they came. Then, when you need them most, there’s nothing there. You’re stuck scrambling to come up with a new idea or frantically trying to recall… Read more »

Creation is as much about the process as it is the end product.

Cartoonist Charles Schulz illustrated this comic panel some time ago, but the feeling it conveys – particularly to creators – is a rattling one even today. Are you creating for the end product, or for the enjoyment of the process? …read more Via: Creative News

The magic of creativity.

Cicero, an ancient Roman, once wrote that “art embraces those things of which we have knowledge.” This belief was common in ancient Greek, where art was the distinct act of making things in accordance to rules. Specifically the existing rules of Nature. To the Greeks, nature was perfection. Mankind could not pursue anything outside of… Read more »

Creativity according to Google Instant.

If you go to Google and enter a few words, you’ll instantly see what similar searches people around the world are entering. Here’s what happens if you enter “creativity” followed by a single word: You can download a high-resolution PDF of this poster for printing or sharing too. …read more Via: Creative News

Can you believe yourself into being more creative?

Is simply believing that you’re creative enough to make it so? What if you could take a sugar pill (or a concoction of natural juices), knowing they won’t affect your thinking, but becoming more intelligent and creative as a result anyway? Research from the past several decades is beginning to indicate that, believe it or… Read more »

Holly’s Adventures Game

Holly’s Adventures: Holly’s Lost & Found We’re proud to announce our first release of a small game for the Holly series “Holly’s Adventures”. The Game is categorized as a platform game where you have to navigate Holly through 3 levels of adventure while collecting as many points as possible. Holly’s Lost & Found is built on an HTML5 game engine with… Read more »