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Here’s an idea

Just start and the ideas will follow. Of course it’s not quite that easy, but when you “just start” surprising things can happen. That’s because the hardest thing about writing a draft isn’t coming up with the words. The hardest thing is sitting down to actually do it, to start. If you can sit down… Read more »

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Ideas simply want a place to fit

The only thing ideas want is to fit. Ideas are out there in the world, waiting to be captured or imagined. They travel around us in all different sorts of ways: from communication to entertainment to dreams. All ideas want is to find a place to fit, to exist. There may be ideas that have… Read more »

We are the bakers, not the makers, of ideas

The way you make a cake is by collecting a bunch of ingredients, mixing them together in the right order, then putting it all into an oven to bake. The process of creativity is a lot like baking a cake, in that it entails the gathering of ingredients—or knowledge—then mixing it up and allowing it… Read more »

Creativity in the coming age of artificial intelligence

I’m excited for the day our creativity is benefited by automated technology, more so than it is today. If creativity is our ability to enact change driven by new and valuable ideas, then the addition of technology for determining and drawing-out those ideas is something modern machines are certainly capable of doing. We already have… Read more »

Two methods for asking better questions

A favorite quote of mine from Socrates goes: “Understanding a question is half an answer.” Famous American inventor William Edwards Deming echoed Socrates by stating: “If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing.” The importance of both these quotes cannot be overstated, however both what Socrates and Deming’s say… Read more »

To come up with a lot of ideas, go narrow to broad

A great way to come up with ideas on-the-fly is going narrow in order to go broad. Focusing briefly before going wide, then focusing back in again and repeating as necessary. The technique works like this: simplify by focusing-in on or asking questions about what you already know, then use those questions to go broad… Read more »

Taking time to reflect on your creative genius

By the time you work through an idea, it will have lost its original intent. The most compelling ideas are often the ones that seem inevitable, like they were of course going to occur. Creating the iPhone seems like common sense for Apple to have some back in 2007. The invention of microwaveable food seems… Read more »

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Your creativity is limited to what you know

A problem many people face when it comes to thinking creatively is that the possibilities seem infinite. There’s so much that might be that it becomes paralyzingly to try and imagine what could be. Anything that can be dreamed can be a solution to a problem. In our imagination, anything goes. But that’s not how… Read more »

One trick for coming up with creative ideas

A classic trick creative thinkers will use—one that isn’t really a trick at all—is to look at what people are doing elsewhere and mimic it. If a student sees a community forming around local artists, what’s to stop her from creating a Facebook group for the artists in her school?. A teacher who sees a… Read more »