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Your brain only works with what you’ve got.

Creativity comes from everything you already know. Your brain comes up with original ideas by evaluating existing ones. So, always remember, you get out of it what you put into it. This has been a creativity PSA from Creative Something. …read more Via: Creative News

Mastering creativity through repetition.

In college there was a class on advanced painting, where students who had pursued a life in professional artistry or design came to set their path in stone with the help of a world renown painter. Most of those in the class were already making a living off of their artwork. They had procured full-time… Read more »

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Want to be more confident with your creativity?

Ever hear the phrase: “I’m just not the creative type?” Or ever get the feeling that you might not be as creative as you’d like? That’s a sign of low creative confidence. Creative confidence matters in the process, almost more than talents or abilities. As engineer and entrepreneur David Kelley explains in his TED talk… Read more »

Asking the right questions to invoke creativity.

To invoke creative thought you often have to ask the right types of questions. Questions that will stir up new connections between concepts in your brain, or questions that will lead to other questions. But what are the right types of questions? In his book Beyond the Obvious, Phil McKinney explores from a top-level perspective:… Read more »

How to evaluate the value of a creative idea.

In the mid-1800s a French man by the name of Louis Ducos du Hauron had an idea for developing color photographs. At the time it was incredibly difficult – if not entirely impossible – to develop colored photographs due to an insensitivity on the plates used to develop red and green colors in the photographs…. Read more »

Being more creative, brick by brick.

When I was younger I remember visiting my grandparents home, an old, red bricked building with just one floor. The story was that my grandfather had built the home himself decades ago, by hand, brick by brick. He wanted to live near some land that had housed his orchard of apples, grapes, apricots, and –… Read more »

This is your brain working.

This image represents what your brain looks like while working. More precisely: it’s a visual chart of neural signals firing over time, a representation of how thoughts work in the brain. Compared to a computer, this type of representation resembles that of a digital signal, with 0 and 1 states for processes (you did know… Read more »

Are you a creative or an innovator?

What’s the difference between creativity and innovation? Creativity deals with original thought, asking “what comes next?” Innovation is about building on what already exists, focusing on ways to improve something already established. Creatives are dreamers, innovators are builders. If you think of ideas as nails, creatives are those who gather up the nails and collect… Read more »

The best way to keep your ideas? Plus a Field Notes giveaway.

Ideas come and go, if you’re lucky they come often stick around for at least a little while. For the rest of us, ideas disappear just as quickly as they came. Then, when you need them most, there’s nothing there. You’re stuck scrambling to come up with a new idea or frantically trying to recall… Read more »

Creation is as much about the process as it is the end product.

Cartoonist Charles Schulz illustrated this comic panel some time ago, but the feeling it conveys – particularly to creators – is a rattling one even today. Are you creating for the end product, or for the enjoyment of the process? …read more Via: Creative News