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What a laugh says about your ideas

My favorite reaction to anything creative I do is a laugh. If what I show someone—whether it’s something I’ve written or painted or programmed—can evoke a laugh, I know I’m onto something worthwhile. It’s easy to look at something creative and respond with a less than moved reaction. Having someone say “that’s clever” or getting… Read more »

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What separates your creative heroes from everyone else

When you’re surrounded by people who inspire you, what does that feel like? What do you immediately think of when you think of those who spark your creativity or curiosities? Are they creators or makers? How do you imagine they spend their time? Where do they invest their energies and how do they expose their… Read more »

What to do on the days you feel uninspired

First, remember that feeling creatively uninspired is a lot like feeling you had too much to eat for your last meal. The feeling will undoubtedly subside and you’ll find yourself hungry for new ideas again. So don’t beat yourself up. Albert Einstein would often have bouts of procrastination. Earnest Hemingway was notorious for battling feelings… Read more »

Important reminders of your creative abilities

The awards a movie actor displays in his studio are just as much for himself to admire as they are for friends or visitors. When you walk into a Michelin Star restaurant and see the number of stars proudly on display, that’s just as much for you as it is for the restaurant staff. Or… Read more »

How to put creativity on your resume

How do you demonstrate creative ability on something like a resume or portfolio? The same way you demonstrate anything: show your work. What problems did you approach with creativity and what were you able to accomplish as a result? If ideas are worthless, what we do with them is where the value is. People are… Read more »

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The practice of asking creative questions

I’ve written on the importance of questions before, even going so far as to outline a combinatorial equation for asking better questions. But questions remain a complex and otherwise difficult problem to work around for creative thinkers. Questions—particularly when they’re investigatory in nature rather than fact-finding—keep our thinking open. They create spaces for ideas to… Read more »

The struggle with creativity

There’s always been a struggle with pursuing creativity. Routine just comes too easy. Even if things aren’t as great as they could be, habits at least assure predictability, and there’s comfort in that. For as long as there’s been recorded history, it’s clear that the pursuit of creativity has eluded more people than it has… Read more »

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Failing to see things differently

When you’re looking upside down it’s easy to see things in a refreshing way. You almost don’t have to try, things just appear in ways you hadn’t thought of seeing them before. Suddenly parts of the ceiling architecture appear that you hadn’t realized exited because you’re now seeing them from a the perspective of being… Read more »